Sunday, January 21, 2007

Royal or Jospin

Xavier Bertrand, who is the French Minister of Health and spokesperson for UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, has compared the evolving campaign of Socialist candidate Segolene Royal with the 2002 campaign of Socialist Lionel Jospin, which ended in his defeat in the first round of voting.

"If Mrs. Royal wants to renew the kind, it will be necessary that she speaks to the French very clearly about the bottom about her project. For the moment, she made proposals, some which curl the demagogy. She does not have a project and it should be known that without a project, she will not change anything.

(...) What the French want to know, which are the taxes that they will pay if the Socialists are in power."

Once again, this campaign appears to be falling into the dreaded trap of American politics. The left will raise taxes, the right is against the poor, and nothing of substance is ever discussed.

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