Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Royal strikes at Sarkozy's tax cuts

Today Socialist candidate Segolene Royal has taken a strong stance in opposition to UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, who has called for a 4% reduction in taxes.

(It is) a dangerous step (...), unjust and not credible...The social inequalities are such today in France that it is scandalous to go to lower the taxes on most favored....Is it really credible in the current economic situation of France, considering our level of debt and deficit, to promise a fall of the (tax). Not only it is not responsible, but dangerous. Nobody believes it, the French are intelligent, they do not believe what Nicolas Sarkozy has just said to them."

Despite this, Royal promises that she won't raise taxes, but just spend more effectively. ""It is necessary to better spend, to fight against waste, not to fold back some of the public services at a time when social fractures are increasing."

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