Thursday, January 18, 2007

Royal was on top, takes action against infighting

A poll taken from 10-12 January shows that Socialist candidate Segolene Royal would win against UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy 52% to 48% in the second round. If accurate, this would confirm that Sarkozy's nomination on January 14 really did have quite an impact, reversing their positions in the polls. This past Monday a poll placed Sarkozy at 52% and Royal at 48%.

However, Royal has not sat idle while her campaign has seemingly turned into a quandary. Today she suspended Arnaud Montebourg, a spokesperson of hers, for a month because of comments he made on French TV. During an interview on Wednesday, Montebourg had said that "Ségolène Royal has one defect, it is her companion," referring of course to Royal's partner and leader of the Socialist Party, Francois Hollande. If she has any wits about her this will be only the first of several moves to sure up her campaign and support, which has been cracking as dissension over taxes have boiled over into a public feud.

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