Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sarkozy 007

A controversial new report from the French paper Le Canard Enchaine, says that the domestic intelligence service of the Interior Ministry, which Sarkozy leads, has investigated a member of Segolene Royal's presidential campaign. Bruno Rebelle, the alleged target of this investigation, was a leader in Greenpeace France before he joined Royal's campaign. According to the report, three ministry officials investigated his background and that of several others.

Nicolas Sarkozy was quick to deny any such investigation, indeed he even seemed a bit humorous in his response:

"An investigation on Madame Royal. Over what? To find out what? To look for her campaign platform? That wouldn't be an investigation. That would be an exploration...It's completely ridiculous. They must hold their nerve and stay calm.

The Royal camp has taken a mildly outraged stance, with spokesperson Julien Dray stating that:

"The information revealed confirms the total confusion between the ministry functions and the presidential candidate status."

Royal's romantic partner and Socialist leader Francois Hollade also came to the rescue:

"If this information is confirmed, and I ask that there be an immediate investigation, it would be extremely worrying because it would mean that the Interior Ministry is, after all, working for candidate Sarkozy."

If this report proves to be true, it could leave a dark stain on a man already considered a bit too power hungry. The Royal camp will obviously try to play this up as much as possible, but at the same time act dignified in case the allegations fall apart. Sarkozy will have a lot of explaining to do if this pans out, otherwise he might just be the victim of his very own swiftboat.

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