Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sarkozy denies report

UMP candidate and Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has strongly denied a report that the Renseignements généraux (RG), an intelligence unit in the interior ministry, investigated the assests of Segolene Royal and Francois Hollande.

"Not, it is not true, it is calumny, they are lies, I contradict formally, as contradicted the persons in charge for the police force of the French Republic. (...)

I have been Minister of Interior Department since 2002, there has never been some scandal there that this is...all this, each one understands it well, it is to make a diversion, because the socialist candidate is (faring) very badly after a certain number of declarations. It is necessary to make a smoke screen."

For the election's sake, this will hopefully turn out false, because if the one serious right-wing challenger turns out to be a semi-crook, you can bet that Royal won't have to answer any substantive questions before elected.

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