Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Sarkozy gets Le Pen support, somewhat

In an interview with "Paris-Match", National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen said that in the second round of voting, his preference would be Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy over President Jacques Chirac. "He (Sarkzoy), at least, makes the pretence of going in a good direction."

Le Pen also saw fit to address accusations that he is an extremist along the political spectrum.
"Some say that Jean-Marie Le Pen is an extremist. They are false. I am a man right of center. It is not me which am off-set towards the extreme line, it is the French political body which drifts towards the left."

It is certainly true that French politics are much more left of center than say American politics, but I doubt Le Pen is going to convince anyone new.

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