Monday, January 8, 2007

Sarkozy gets a slogan

The Nicolas Sarkozy camp has come up with his new campaign slogan, "Tout devient possible avec Nicolas Sarkozy", or in English, "All becomes possible with Nicolas Sarkozy".

This slogan does not come from completely out of the blue, as it has evolved from several Sarkozy comments within the past year. A book Sarkozy wrote in June this year ended with the line "All, I want to say: by our collective will, all is possible", and in his recent New Year's internet address, Sarkozy said "In France from which I dream, all must be possible". This new PR campaign will also include a selection of clothing and accessories with presumably UMP/Sarkozy markings.

The only thing left now for one to decide is how Sarkozy's slogan compares with Segolene Royal's "Pour que ça change fort!" which translates literally to "So that that changes extremely". It's nice to know that regardless of what new change and reform candidates stand for, they will never leave the old cliches behind.

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