Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sarkozy lunches with Blair

Today UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy ate lunch with PM Tony Blair. While it may seem odd to some Brits, who are ready and happy to see Blair gone in several months, Sarkozy seemed unable to stop complimenting the ideas and actions of the British Prime Minister.

"I want to construct the best for France, I want to go to meet everywhere in the world those who served their country well, who were useful to their country. There is great confidence between Tony Blair and me.

...the manner Tony Blair drives his policy...the resolution of Irish problem, full employment, modernization of the country...It is not a question of plating a model (on French case) but Tony Blair showed pragmatism and been useful in his country and I want France very open to the world. One of our problems, it is that we are too much centered on ourselves.

They have of course disagreement, for instance, the affair of Iraq...(but) he taught me that pragmatism and openness, in policy, this counts."

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