Monday, January 1, 2007

Sarkozy releases video

Following the lead of Jacques Chirac and then Segolene Royal, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has released his own two-minute internet video in which he speaks about the coming year.

Our ideas will gain. Together one will make so that all is possible... France, it is not finished. (...) Dear friends, made of 2007 the year of all successes for our country, our fatherland, our nation. Believe me, if France is happy, your families will be it too. I count on you, I need you. (...) If each one among you feels actor of this movement, if each one among you believes in this ideal then do not doubt it, in four months will carry we it. It is not important for me, it is not important for you, it is important for our country. (...) I want to defend our ideas, I want to bring back to us of the voters who were mislaid on the roads of the national Face, of the voters who thought that with the left it had the movement. With the left, today, they have only the conservation. I want to build with you. I want to give to France the energy of which I feel carrying. I need you.

The actual film itself is markedly different than that of Segolene Royal. While Royal sat calmly in a rather informal room, Sarkozy talked animatedly in front of a solid background with a UMP icon in the corner.

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