Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sarkozy's little house on the prairie

Although they can not technically vote for him come election day, Nicolas Sarkozy is gaining some supporters with just the strength of his family story. Who are they: Hungarians. While Nicolas Sarkozy's Hungarian father lived with his brothers in Budapest during the year, they spent their summers in the small town of Alattyan, where their great uncle Lajor Toth-Maar lived.

Though Sarkozy's father fled Hungary at the end of World War II, he left the village with plenty of memories, which are now coming full with Sarkozy's rise. One man who worked on the family's land described them as "handsome, charming boys... In the evenings, the boys rode around town in their carriages and chased and kissed girls." If one can trust the town historian, "We’re really rooting for him, I hope he wins." Sarkozy has only one relative left with his name in Hungary, Mariann Sarkozy, who while a supporter, does harbor some questions: "It’s a shame Nicolas doesn’t speak Hungarian, how can this be? It’s part of him."

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