Monday, January 15, 2007

Sarkozy's Promises

The Financial Times is running an article detailing many of the election promises Sarkozy made yesterday at his nomination.

■Bring special pension regimes at state companies into line with the rest of France.

■Cap the amount anyone must pay in tax at 50 per cent.

■Make mortgage payments tax deductible.

■A simplified form of Europe's constitutional treaty to be voted on by parliament.

■Subject presidential nominations for the highest posts to ratification by parliament.

■Fewer but better paid public sector workers.

■A single contract giving workers more protection the longer they stay in a job.

■Force public transport to maintain a minimum service during strikes.

All of these look like decent first steps, but even some such as fewer public jobs may come under intense pressure if enacted. If Sarkozy really wants to move beyond this, he will have to articulate a clear vision of what lies ahead, so that France doesn't trip before bigger leaps in the future.

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