Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sego Affair in court

Apparently Jean-Pierre Mignard, a friend and lawyer for Socialist candidate Segolene Royal, is planning to file legal papers to stop websites from spreading the rumor that Royal had an affair with the former head of Renault, Louis Schweitzer (right). According to Mr. Mignard, the accusations are nothing but a "lie" and "an extremely serious attack on her private life."

Rumors are not new to the Royal-Hollande relationship, although this comes at a particularly sensitive time. Assuming supporters of Sarkozy are behind this mudslinging, they will have to make sure not to step too far: Sarkozy himself has had a less than normal relationship with his wife Cecilia. One also has to wonder at the logic of the assertion: Why would a rising and attractive politician risk her future for a man that no one would mistake as even remotely handsome.

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