Monday, January 15, 2007

Should Britain want Sarkozy?

The Guardian has an interesting editorial about British views of the upcoming French election. While saying that both PM Tony Blair, his successor Gordon Brown, and conservative David Cameron believe Sarkozy will win and be of the most benefit for Europe. The writer, however, challenges this assumption, saying that while Sarkozy is a desperately needed break from the past, his negatives outweigh his fresh ideas.

Mr Sarkozy is provocative and ruthless and his electoral appeal - which combines anti-immigrant populism, middle-class social conservatism and extensive economic deregulation - does not offer a 21st-century European model that Britain should embrace.

Instead the writer sees Royal, who is running a much more inclusive campaign, as the best hope for a constructive future. He may be right that Royal will be able to unify the French much more easily, but he should not forget that unity itself is only a means, and not an end.

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