Monday, January 1, 2007

Internet Primary Marks New Era

The UMP is making history in France this week with France's first online primary. All 330,000 party members will have the chance to cast their ballots online within ten days of tomorrow. Luckily the UMP won't have to worry too much about technical glitches or voting irregularities; there's only one candidate.

Still, UMP leaders are hoping the online primary — which is open only to its 330,000 members — will mark a break with political convention and give the party an aura of tech-savvy modernity.
The Web played a key role in the UMP's pre-primary debates, with Sarkozy and other would-be candidates fielding questions from viewers watching on the Internet. The party's other presidential hopefuls later dropped out of the race, leaving Sarkozy the sole contender in the UMP's upcoming online primary.

A message from Sarkozy on a UMP Blog site urges party members to cast their online ballots and calls on users to "participate in the political dialogue and become an agent for change." Read more...

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