Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bayrou speaks, France listens

UDF candidate Francois Bayrou gave an interview to the AP yesterday, and among other things, said that he is not merely a default candidate:

"Everywhere in Europe there is a desire to escape from quarrels which are essentially those of the 20th century, the quarrels of the Berlin Wall, left and right. (...)

The French — if I'm not mistaken; I say that with a lot of caution — want to be dealt a new hand, they want a new deal. Simple as that. And when the people want a new deal, it is very difficult to stop it. And they have found a candidate who responds to their aspirations. (...)

All polls today show that if I am a candidate in the run-off, then — to observers' great surprise — I win the presidential election. This is, it's true, the rise of a candidate that we were not expecting. But the French have for a long time not been satisfied with the choice being forced upon them."

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