Friday, February 16, 2007

Charts and Figures

Frogsmoke has discovered a great BBC chart which does a side by side comparison of Segolene Royal's and Nicolas Sarkozy's campaign pledges. The startling thing when one looks at all these in bullet form is the mundanity of it all, which naturally disinterests voters. This logically ends up shifting the focus on how the candidates package their message, a battle that up to this point, Nicolas Sarkozy has certainly won.

With regards to another figure, I'm happy to report that for the moment, the google search French election 2007 now places this site first, ahead of even the Wikipedia page. Although I am an avid contributor to that project as well, it's good to know that it is not invincible in the search engine wars.

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romke said...

You spoke too soon - you seem to toggle between first and second. Nevertheless, congrats!
'Monsieur' Frogsmoke

Charles Henry said...

Boz, I want to comment on your site's beating out Wikipedia, using this an another welcome opportunity to compliment you for the fine work you provide here at your blog.
I myself come here before I go to Yahoo France, for updates on the French presidential election.

Boz said...

Thanks, I really appreciate it. It is amazing though how huge the election is in the French blogosphere (ie Segosphere), and how little interest appears in the English speaking world.