Monday, February 26, 2007

Déjà vu all over again for Sarkozy

Perhaps Nicolas Sarkozy should pay more attention to the mistakes of his opponents. One month ago Socialist candidate Segolene Royal embarassed herself on French radio by not knowing the number of nuclear submarines France possessed. Today Sarkozy did the same.

Asked today by a journalist how many nuclear attack submarines France has, Sarkozy replied "four", to which the journalist replied "five". In fact France has six nuclear attack submarines. Sarkozy later said that "Honestly, the question is a bit specious."


hyldess said...

Are you sure about that ?
Le Triomphant
Le Téméraire
Le Vigilant
Le Terrible
Thats 4. Do you know about the others ?

Boz said...

France has 6 nuclear attack submarines and 4 nuclear missile submarines. Royal had been asked about the ballistic missile ones, while Sarkozy had been asked specifically about the attack ones.

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