Sunday, February 18, 2007

Do they know what they're getting into?

The British paper The Sunday Times is running a quite disturbing article on the private life of the Chirac family, and how his rise to power affected his daughters and wife, complete with affairs, mental illness, and suicide.

I'm not going to peddle the details, but it should stand as a sobering reminder to the candidates of this year's election. The media has already had a field day with the always awkward relationship between Segolene Royal and the head of the Socialist Party, Francois Hollande, and Nicolas Sarkozy's relationship with his wife Cecilia has been the source of never ending rumors and speculation. One just hopes that even if such problems are a prerequisite for heads of state, they do not intefere with the millions of citizens they wish to represent.

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Jake said...

boz -

Thanks for letting me know about your site. I've subscribed to your feed to stay apprised of election info. Great blog.


rcb said...

No, they don't know. One of the most frustrating qualities of a good leader is the necessity to wear blinders. They make a decision and can't look back or re-visit - their focus is implementing the plan. They believe honestly that they are born with a purpose, and as you point out, believing sometimes makes it so. Unfortunately, the focus requires that there are areas outside that don't get nearly the attention they deserve. All that said, I think they can be way too hard on themselves. Would Chirac's life have been less chaotic if he'd been shunted away from politics? Chidren turn out "wrong" even if brought up with loving caring and intelligent parenting.
Thanks for your comment at rcb- I've blogrolled you so I'll be back. Very timely stuff, and especially glad you thought of us "dummies" - very useful!


Boz said...

Thanks Jake!

rcb, I agree with the whole "born with a purpose", especially with Nicolas Sarkozy. He has been running for president literally since 20.

I don't know if your going to enter the American political fray over the next few years as our campaign gets underway, but this French election is a great preview: same issues, same fears about immigration and globalization. I would advise Hillary and McCain to watch closely.