Monday, February 19, 2007

Help me Bayrou, you're our only hope

Tiberge at GalliaWatch has posted a story that says Socialist politician Lionel Jospin, who was defeated in the 2002 presidential election in just the first round,

is recommending to his friends that they cast their vote for François Bayrou in the first round thus enabling him to get to the second round where he has a chance to defeat Nicolas Sarkozy. Lionel Jospin does not believe that Ségolène Royal will withdraw and does not hide his feeling that it will be necessary to rebuild on a field of ruins.

This information comes from the website of Claude Reichman, a French dentist who is now a leader in the "Blue Movement", a semi-conservative but apolitical group dedicated to reversing the decline of France. Whether or not this is true, Jospin and many traditional socialists are certainly worried that Royal's stumbling campaign is beginning to look like deja vu all over again, and that the only way to avoid the election of Nicolas Sarkozy would be to elected the centrist UDF candidate Francois Bayrou.

Interestingly, a poll taken just two weeks ago shows that Bayrou would lose to Sarkozy in the second round by only 49% to 51%, while Royal (at the time of this poll) was losing 48% to 52%.

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