Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Join the fun presidential style

Paris Link has a rather amusing article explaining how you can be a presidential in France in 2012! According to him, you only need to complete 5 easy steps, which include "Invent a meaningless campaign slogan" and "Answer your own questions".

But wait, there's also some excellent fashion advice:

Ségolène Royal has taken it all to a new level, what with being a woman and everything. Want to appear vulnerable and feminine? Wear white. Want to appeal to socialists? Wear red. Want to appear tough? Wear a leather jacket, and you'll probably get the sado-masochist vote as well.

Men - Nicolas Sarkozy is leading the way here. When you want to appear calm and relaxed (which obviously, being a power-mad Presidential candidate, you are not), put on a polo-neck jumper instead of a shirt. If you're venturing into agricultural country, wear a brown suit, you'll fit in.

Is there a law against non-citizens from running? I might have to give it a go.

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