Sunday, February 25, 2007

Le Pen's wishlist

National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen has come out with his presidential platform, which can be summed up as saving France money by getting tough. Here are some examples:

*By stopping social welfare programs for foreigners, Le Pen would save a whopping 18.5 billion euros.

*He would also make France more French by cracking down on binationality, automatic acquisition of nationality, reducing residency permits from 10 to 3 years, and implementing a "policy of return."

*In terms of law and order, he would bring back the death penalty for serious crimes, increase the prison system capacity for 75,000 more people, and create a new "presumption of self-defense" for the French police.

*Healthwise he would get better refunds for dental and eye care, as well as create incentives for doctors in rural areas. On harsher note, he would implement an anti-fraud plan he says will take in 5 billion euros, ban stem cell research and cloning, and refuse to legalize euthanasia.

*Le Pen would promote adoptation and a "prevention policy" to reduce abortions and increase population growth. He would also create new family loans and pay minimum wage to mothers who choose to stay at home with their children.

*He will revamp the French military with a complete exit from NATO, 70,000 new soldiers, a national guard, 6 months voluntary service, and increase in defense spending.

There is more which I will be adding soon.

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