Thursday, February 1, 2007

More Sarkozy interview

After watching the Sarkozy interview with Charlie Rose, I might as well give some paraphrased updates on Sarkozy's responses.

1. On America.
Although Sarkozy is trying to toe a fine line in support of the US, he began the interview with a long explanation why France and the US have been friends forever, been there for each other, and are necessary allies in his vision of the future.

2. On Royal.
Sarkozy was asked about what some perceive as a faltering Segolene Royal. Sarkozy replied that he didn't want to comment, that would be arrogant, and that he wanted to win on his own merits and not the negatives of others.

3. On Fear.
Rose asked Sarkozy why at least half of France admits to being somewhat frightful of Sarkozy, and preceiving him as dangerous. Sarkozy didn't have much in response except to say that he didn't understand really understand the issue, and then wiggled his way out by saying that many of the successful French politicians in the past had been called unpopular before their success in office.

4. On Chirac.
Perhaps the most interesting segment came when Rose asked Sarkozy about Jacques Chirac. Sarkozy did a brief summary of how he met Chirac, and explained that while they have worked well together over the decades, they have had disagreements. Then Rose asked him if Chirac will support him for president. Sarkozy lifted his hand and said in English, "I hope." He then said in French that "I hope. I don't expect anything and I don't ask anything." He later said, referring to their relationship, that "There's no ancient rift that still exists."

5. On his background.
Sarkozy said that unlike Royal, who started her political career at the very top in the office of the president, he started in the dark rooms in the back, and has worked his way up slowly but surely. He said that his father once told him that with his name, he should go to the US because he could not succeed in France, but he persisted.

6. On hope.
Rose asked Sarkozy whether the election is going to be based on hopes or fears. Sarkozy recounted a story with his grandfather, who told him as a boy that he would grow up in a remarkable world. Sarkozy then said that the future has become a fear to many, and that he hopes to change this. He said that his upbringing has forced him to push open many doors, and that he lives on his feet, not his back.

7. On global warming.
Sarkozy reaffirmed his friendship with the US, but then expressed his dissappointment with US steps on climate change, especially its withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol. He said that the US is taking small steps, but needs to take a giant leap.

8. On Iran.
"Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons."

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tiberge said...

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Boz said...

Thanks for the link! Of course, my paraphrasing of English pales in comparison to your full article/conversation translations.