Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A New Hope: Intellectuals support Royal

In recent months several French intellectuals have abandoned the disorganized Socialist camp and come out in favor of UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, but today Segolene Royal finally got some of the solid support she has needed. La Nouvel Observateur has published a letter signed by 150 French intellectuals that among other things, attacks Sarkozy for his fearmongering, and calls on France to vote for Segolene Royal.

"Supported by the new financial aristocracy, he (Sarkozy) incarnates the tender of the policy to the money. Favorable to a reinforcement of the presidential capacities, he incarnates the temptation of the cesarism against the deepening of the democracy. Engaged at the sides of the current American administration, he incarnates the risk of imperial adventures, the shock of cultures and the confrontation of the people. He is the candidate of the fear. Fears that he exploits - those of the future, the world, abroad, the young people - but also of the fears which he inspire by convening the imaginary one of the strong man, of the vindicatory and exalted chief, whom got excited by the power and himself.

Against this danger, Ségolène Royal is the candidate of hope. She gave birth to it by defending a participative democracy where the citizens are recognized as the experts of their problems. A hope at the same time social and ecological, ethical and democratic, French and European, not sacrificing the living and working conditions to economic modernization.

(...) This election is not ordinary and it engages, through the fate of France, a little of the future of the world. This is why, against a right of arrogance, we call to choose, as of April 22, a left of hope, as a voter of Ségolène Royal."

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