Sunday, February 4, 2007

No Bové worries for Royal

The entrance of anti-globalist Jové Bové into the presidential campaign this week caused some speculation that he could steal some far-left votes from Socialist candidate Segolene Royal who has lost her grace and struggled in recent polls. That very well may come true in the future, but as of now, Royal should have nothing to worry about.

A poll taken on January 31 included Jové Bové in the first round, but he received a mere 1% of the votes, even below many other fringe candidates. As if to prove that she has no worries, Royal actually moved up one point to 27%, and the UMP's Nicolas Sarkozy stayed strong at 31%. National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen and UDF candidate Francois Bayrou seem to be trading the mantle as the third candidate. Bayrou had overtaken Le Pen recently, but this poll shows a reverse, with Le Pen gathering 16% and Bayrou with 12%. Nevertheless, both of these are higher numbers than several months ago, when Le Pen was hovering between single and double digits and Bayrou was stuck at 8%.

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