Thursday, February 1, 2007

Royal condemnation of right

Tonight in Grenoble, Segolene Royal forcefully denounced the right for the confirmed and alleged investigations by the RG under the Interior Ministry, and also took aim at the policies of UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy. She never, however, called him by name.

"I will not accept that the debate is lead astray, retracted by the set of traps, operations subordinates, abusive or illicit harassings. (...) These friendly media powers, who relay all the blows, all the traps...I say to them this evening that with you, we are not afraid and that we will remain upright!

The social elevator does not serve any more the higher class and the model which the UMP proposes to our children with regard to the great transformations of the world can be summarized with this: be competitive, think only of you and keep silent.

It is known that in the suburbs where the revolts rose in 2005, poked by the words of the provocation...There are not two youths, one dedicated to excellence and the other condemned to the failure. There is only one them, the youth of France."

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