Monday, February 19, 2007

Royal debut on TV

Tonight Socialist candidate Segolene Royal appeared on the French TV show "I have a question for you" where she answered a variety of questions from voters and attempted to revive a struggling campaign.

The Royal campaign has not shied away from the fact that they want this appearance to boost her in the polls. Today an email was sent out to everyone who had signed up at her website, calling tonight's even a key moment in the campaign. Over the course of two hours Royal explained the various proposals outlined in her policy manifesto just over a week ago, and said that she is "the only one able to carry out the deep change which France needs."

Although Royal has had difficulties over the past month or so, she proved last fall that she should not be underestimated as the underdog. Royal has recently stopped wearing her trademark white jacket, but it was back on again tonight, with the required heels and skirt. She never once mentioned Nicolas Sarkozy by name, and instead attempted to refocus the camera on her femininity and personality.

"I am a woman who speaks clearly. I heard the comments, I saw that there was a certain number of adjustments to make and I made them. I am very serene and very solid."

If you have a knowledge of French and are curious, you can watch bits of the show here.

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