Monday, February 12, 2007

Royal Fallout

The reactions to Segolene Royal's policy speech yesterday have been popping up over editorial pages and news articles today. Apparently the 15,000 strong crowd loved the 90 minute address, and more than once interupted Royal by chanting "Presidente". One of the most popular moments was when she promised to remember France's "humanist" values.

"They say that states are getting weaker, that nations are disappearing, that the multinationals are victorious, that the market is the only king. The actual state of the world shows the opposite."

Unfortunately, most British papers seem to agree that Royal's program is a mix of outdated Socialist thinking and political fluff, without much clear vision.

Her programme may strike the Anglo-Saxon world as outdated and utopian, but France will never stop paying respect to politicians who claim to speak for the poor and the vulnerable. This is what Ms Royal did in her series of manifesto pledges, effectively ending any pretence of a Blairite "Third Way" and touching the Left-wing buttons with a deftness that had the Socialist batallions screaming with delight. (...)

She gives the French public dollops of what they like to believe in, and many will lap it up. Read more...

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