Thursday, February 22, 2007

Royal handouts

All candidate pander to their voters, so it is no surprise that many of Segolene Royal's policy proposals will delight certain segments of the population and disgust others. Although not exactly true, this bit of satire does make a point:

The « allocation autonomie » « is designed to enable youngsters to enter their life as they mean to go on, » Royale told the assembled party faithful.
« If we get into power, many of these people may never work in their whole lives, and it’s hard on them… It’s particularly unfair that unemployment benefit is only paid to those who have worked, so youngsters entering the unempoyment market don’t have any rights at all. The « allocation autonomie » is designed to plug that gap, and enable young people to enter adult life exactly as they will continue – living on state handouts. »

Opinion polls showed that the Royale campaign received an immediate boost from the mesure, intentions of vote in the 18-24 group targeted by the mesure rose from 3% to 99% only minutes after the mesure was announced, with the majority of the new votes coming from youngsters who had previously intended to stay in bed on election day.

The fake article then interviews a teengager in Lyon who says that "All they have to do now is legalise cannabis, and even I would manage to get out of bed on election day." Perhaps he shouldn't; Royal will send delinquents to military school.

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