Thursday, February 8, 2007

Royal meets WSJ

The Wall Street Journal is running a long interview with Segolene Royal conducted by the French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévi. It's short on substance, but Lévi does shed some personal light on her situation and does change his opinion of her.

They start the conversation about Royal's many recent gaffes, to which she replies that "Isn't it amusing? When someone else misspeaks we call it a lapsus, a slip, but when it's me it's a giant misstep, a mistake. Maybe it's a double standard."

She soon uses the term "Human Rights" instead of the customary "Rights of Man", and another tangent ensues.

Royal speaks about the traditional Socialist Party, and her efforts to include the heavy weights in her campaign. "...what bothers them is my will to break away from that elitism, that arrogance. Waht we call participative democracy..."

On foreign policy issues, Lévi says that "she certainly seems less incompetent than others have described her to be."

Royal does express nervousness for her project announcement on Feb. 11, because of all th built up expectations.

Lévi ends with:

I take my leave, still somewhat puzzled, but with the feeling that people may have been unfair to this woman - myself included, and that she does not really resemble the slightly gauche statue into which she has sculpted herself.

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