Sunday, February 4, 2007

Royal opens hand and heart to Algeria

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal sent a promise of friendship and historical honesty to Algeria's president Abdelaziz Bouteflika today. Royal's adviser Jack Lang was attending the conference "Europe/Maghreb: Which future?" in Algiers, when he delivered Royal's message to the president. Royal said that "France must look its history in the face." In terms of bilateral relations, Royal wrote that "of intimacy, must develop in confidence and be welded by the friendship."

Jack Lang also took it upon himself to spread good cheer, and heartily endorsed Royal's position.

"French colonization was an oppression, accompanied by unacceptable, inhuman repression...It is a manner of excusing itself and not to obscure the faults, the errors, the maleficence which was achieved, in particular by the French colonizer...(Royal) always rose against the colonialism which caused humiliation and plundering.

If Mrs. Ségolène Royal is elected president, I am certain that she will do all so that this treaty of friendship can be born."

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