Sunday, February 18, 2007

Royal reorganize?

"When all else fails, blame someone else" seems to be the new motto of Segolene Royal's campaign, although it is being carried out under the kinder name "a new organization." Royal has come to a new low of 45% in the polls, and will be announcing this newly organized presidential campaign next Thursday.

"We need a team more fleshed out and with better structure, it is necessary that we leave self-management, it is necessary to recreate hierarchy. There will be more people of responsibility. (...)

We have a good presidential pact and party, at the base, it goes, in particular with regards to the connections with the federations...But people need to have precise instructions, and it is necessary to be based on this ground mobilization."

Segolene Royal also found fit victimize herself in comparison to Nicolas Sarkozy, saying that, "Everyone understands that there are a disproportion between my means and those of the Minister of Interior Department." The AFP points out that Sarkozy's recent trip to Réunion, although partially under the guise of Interior Minister, was payed for by the Sarkozy campaign to avoid controversy.

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