Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sarko's bedside reading

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy's book "Testimony", which was a hot seller in France, is finally coming out in an English version in the UK. The Guardian has a great review of the new English transaltion, highlighting how much of an Anglophile Sarkozy really is, and his less than subtle admiration of Margaret Thatcher. It does however say that Sarkozy's section on crime is incoherent, and his somewhat hypocritical hardline against immigration.

In the end it sums up the basic weakness that is apparent throughout the book: Sarkozy's blatant hunger for power.

His muscular, bustling strut, the snarl that still, despite the work on his image, occasionally crosses his face reveals another side. And it's a side that, especially when compared to the reassuring femininity of Segolene Royal, frightens many voters.

If you're curious, you can get it from the UK amazon. They are currently discounting by 34%, but I wonder how much of a better deal you could get if he loses the election.

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