Monday, February 5, 2007

Sarkozy campaigns American-style

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has affirmed his commitment to a glitzy and American-like presidential campaign by holding a town-meeting with 100 French questioners. For two hours he answered numerous questions ranging from housing to his own salary, and despite not revealing any new plans, Sarkozy did respond with details.

I have not heard anything about homosexuality in this campaign as of yet, but Sarkozy responded strongly when questioned on his attitude toward gays: "I do not accept that I am called a homophobe because I refuse adoption by homosexual couples." He also was clear to distance himself from supporting the progress of the Iraq War. Sarkozy was also asked about military intervention in Iran, which he said he would be against while sanctions are starting to bear fruit.

The Royal camp responded almost immediately, saying that: "The philosophy of Nicolas Sarkozy was clear: freedom for the privileged, forced for the others."

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