Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sarkozy speech on foreign policy

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy gave a major foreign policy speech today, outlining his vision of the world and addressing a wide variety of current concerns.

The most obvious variance from traditional French policy is his position towards the United States. Sarkozy said that he would like to form a Franco-American friendship that is "deep, sincere, staunch" because it is "a necessity for the balance of the world." He made sure to distance himself from any ideas that he would be slavish to America, saying that "I want a free France, I want a free Europe. I therefore ask our American friends to leave us free, free to be their friends."

The other deviation is his policy is his greater support of Israel, saying that he would ensure that the right of Israeli security is the same as the right of a Palestinian state.

Europe-wise Sarkozy continued to push a simplified EU treaty, which would include the creation of an EU foreign minister. Sarkozy wants to end the current EU veto system, whereby any country can prevent an otherwise unanimous initiative. He may also take a step back from Germany, saying that France and Germany should not "jointly dictate EU policy."

More details can be found here.
You can also watch the whole speech at his website.

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