Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sarkozy's American interview

PBS's Charlie Rose recently interviewed UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, which aired on the Charlie Rose Show last night. Although I believe that Sarkozy's speaks English, this interview was conducted in French and translated. If you'd like to watch the full show, it should be up on this website in the next day or so. In the meantime, here are some Sarkozy quotes:

"France has tremendous advantages, a lot going for it. But I want to reconcile France and the French with success. In France, work doesn't pay enough. I want people to be compensated and respected for their work. I want people to understand the value of work.
I don't believe in a bipolar world. Look at India. Look at Indonesia. Look at Brazil. Look at the billion inhabitants of Africa. Let's wake up. We're not in a bipolar world. We're in a multipolar world. We can't have a world that's led by one or two superpowers.

The world has to respect every single one, and that way we can have respect for ourselves.

One wonders if this "bi-polar" world he is talking about is Chirac's: the US and France. But if Sarkozy was trying to distance himself from the US, he also made a plea for the future:

"This is a problem in the US and I want to say this to my American friends. The world does not come to a halt at the borders of your country. Beyond the Pacific and beyond the Atlantic, there are men and women like you. Get interested in the world and the world will learn to love you. The world is not just the American empire, There's more to it than that."

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bistrotman said...

I can confirm that N. Sarkozy does not speak English.
In fact, he attended but did not graduate from the Institute of Political Science here (Sciences Po Paris) because of his bad English. Today, 25 years later, his English is little no better.

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