Sunday, February 11, 2007

Segolene Reveals Presidential Plans

Today Socialist candidate Segolene Royal revealed her presidential pact in a large document given to the press. Right now the press is scrambling through this to try and find every important programs, so I will update this as needed.

"More than 6.000 debates were organized on all the territory. I received by Internet 135.000 contributions. I listened to the two sides of industry, I met associations, I mobilized the experts....The promises must be held, they must be credible. This presidential pact, it is together that we will implement it.

The opening note ended with the line "Plus juste, la France sera plus forte" (More just, France will be stronger", which the AP says might become Royal's official campaign slogan. So on to proposals!

Royal pledged to raise the SMIC, a kind of minimum wage/monthly wage paid to the poor to 1500 euros a month. This would mean 18,000 euros/year, or roughly $23,400.

Royal continues to sidestep what she would do over the 35 hour work week, although she continues to say that changes are necessary. From what I understand, she wants to reform "collective bargining" "in particular on the questions of organizatin of work, or working conditions," etc. She ends just by saying that she will work to open negotiations to reduce the 35-hours negative effects.

Segolene wants to help the privately employed people with a "professional social security", which would guarantee them 90% of their last years wages for another year if unemployed and searching for work. She also will give youth a "right to first employment", which basically means a guaranteed job or job training within 6 months of unemployment. In addition, Royal will scrap the CNE, which gives small businesses the authority to fire new employees within two years.

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