Sunday, February 4, 2007

Tell-all book attacks Royal

This week the campaign of Segolene Royal is bracing itself in anticipation of the Thursday release of a tell-all book written by a former Royal assistant. The assistant, 55 year old Evelyne Pathouot, woked with Royal from 1995-1997, but now works for two UMP MPs. Although Pathouot has been fighting Royal in court for 10 years for what she says is an unpaid salary, she claims that she decided to write the book only because "I want to show how she really is."

“I fell for her at first because Ségolène was a woman, she was young, new and dynamic,” recalled Pathouot, who was born in Burgundy and formerly worked as a health service administrator.

Doubts set in when Royal apparently failed to pay her way during their time together. “At lunches Ségolène always said to me, ‘Evelyne, would you lend me something? I don’t have any money’.” In her book, Pathouot writes cautiously: “Avarice or negligence, it’s impossible for me to say.”

On a number of occasions, Pathouot put Royal up for the night. “After dinner she just got up and said she was going to bed. No help with the washing up and no chat,” Pathouot said.

“I’d wake her up at 7.30am, then get my two sons ready and off to school. When I came back at about 8.20am, she’d still be in bed. I felt as if I had a third child to handle.”

The book is entitled "Ombre et Lumière" or "Shadow and Light", and according to The Times, "portrays Royal as cold, selfish, irascible and alternately lightweight and authoritarian in her political dealings." If you're curious and speak French, you can preorder at Amazon for 15.20 euros, although most of the interesting stuff will likely come out in the media during the next week.

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