Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back and kicking

Hello everyone, sorry I had to be away for the past few days, I trust you found news from a less satisfying source.

Not too much has happened over the past few days, with Nicolas Sarkozy out in the French Antilles. On Monday Sarkozy will officially quit as Interior Minister, and his place will be filled by current overseas minister Francois Baroin. Sarkozy continues to led all polls in the first round, and the second round against Royal.

If anything, the past few days have been marked by the incredible stalling of the campaign of Francois Bayrou. Coming out of nowhere earlier this month to tie Segolene Royal, he has now fallen to 19% in the first round. Even worse is the firmness of his support. Roughly 75% of voters for Royal and Sarkozy say that they will not change their minds, although only 42% of Bayrou's voters say the same.

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