Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bayrou gains green support, condemnation from Veil

With the ballot being finalized, UDF candidate Francois Bayrou has been gaining the support of several prominent "green" politicians whose own presidential campaigns have faltered.

First came former Environment Minister Corinne Lepage, who ducked out of the campaign last Sunday to support Bayrou. Today came the nominal support of Antoine Waechter of the Independent Ecological Movement, who had failed in his attempt to gain the necessary number of signatures to be on the ballot. Waechter admitted that he did not agree with with Bayrou's position on maintaining nuclear power, but that Bayrou is may be their best bet.

"What we want, it is to find the means of making break up the political yoke that we have in France with the two parties of alternation who share power. Perhaps Bayrou can be the instrument of that."

That being said, Bayrou has also earned criticism from Simone Veil, a Holocaust survivor and prominent French political figure who has already declared her support for Sarkozy. During a recent newspaper interview, Veil said that:

"It is necessary to choose and I chose. I am not a socialist and Bayrou is worse.

All that he was able to do when he was Minister for National Education, was to put a million people in the street."

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