Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bayrou loses critical supporter

UDF candidate Francois Bayrou faced another harsh blow today when fellow party member and Education Minister Gilles de Robien, who himself was once Bayrou's campaign director, declared that he will support UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy.

"For two years now I have been tirelessly asking him the same questions: Is he on the left or on the right? With whom will he govern if he is elected? I have never obtained an answer other than 'We will see when the time comes'....

I am of a faithful nature but things have gone too far."

This seems to confirm some of the biggest doubts surrounding the Bayoru camp, that he is only a credible alternative in that he is neither Royal nor Sarkozy, and that if elected he would have great difficulty in governing. He still has several weeks to go, but the Bayrou wave looks like it has already crashed onto the shore.

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