Friday, March 2, 2007

Bayrou promises new party

UDF candidate Francois Bayrou, who is edging closer and closer to Segolene Royal in the first round, has announced that he would form a new political party if elected president this May.

"To take this new hope and this great responsibility, UDF in its current form will not be enough. One will need a great democratic party for France.

His enthusiasm for this is based on his belief that the elections will be an "electric shock" that will cause "national union".

In some ways he is copying what now comatose Ariel Sharon did as Prime Minister of Israel, when he left the right-wing Likud party to form the centrist Kadima party, now led by PM Ehud Olmert. However, Kadima was formed with the rather bold vision of unilateral disengagement from the occupied territories, which attracted politicians from a variety of previous political persuasions. It's hard to see Bayrou ever commanding the equivalent vision and respect that Sharon did, but if this "electic shock" does come, perhaps he will receive some new spark.

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