Friday, March 2, 2007

The Economist reviews Sarko's book

This week's The Economist contains a full page review of Nicolas Sarkozy's newly translated book "Testimony", which was a bestseller last summer in France. The magazine never does much to hide the fact that it would prefer Sarkozy over Royal, and fortunately for him, the review actually makes Sarkozy out as a much more appealing candidate than he sometimes can be. But perhaps unfortunately for him, American and British voters will not be deciding this election.

"Testimony" is more than just the English translation of "Témoinage"...It is a text remodelled to seduce an American readership, which blends the bold policy ideas from the Frenhc version with autobiographical detail from an earlier work...

The man who emerges from these pages is exactly that:energetic, tenacious, forceful in the face of adversity. He appears driven, pragmatic, courageous, non-ideological. This book is not a work of stylistic elegance. Its sentences are show and the prose is often flat. But there is a sleeves-rolled-up urgency to it: here, it seems to say, is a man ready to take on the French. The question is whether the French are ready to take on Mr. Sarkozy.

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microdot said...

Have you seen the Italian Edition of Testimony? Testamoniziano Sarkozi with the forward written by the head of the Italian Fascist Party, Gianfranco Fini?
Sarkozi may manage to get himself elected, but he won't be able to govern. I'm trusting that whereas it took Americans six years to get sick of Bush, it should take the French six weeks to get sick of Sarko and that will happen before the election!

Boz said...

Intersesting, Fini seems like just the kind of guy Sarkozy would be trying to distance himself from, especially when people start calling him a little dictator. I agree though that if elected, Sarkozy will face quite stiff resistance. Just look at what Villepin faced last year when trying to ever so slightly liberalize the labor contracts.