Friday, March 2, 2007

French content to not work more

It's been a rather quiet day on the campaign trail with the normal appearances and speeches by each candidate. With two weeks to go Jean-Marie Le Pen is still struggling to get his final 100 sponsorships, and the Socialists are demanding an investigation into the recent burglary of a computer from the house of a campaign advisor to Segolene Royal.

Le Monde is publishing the results of an interesting survey about French attitudes toward work. Although unemployment is consistently the number one problem in the eyes of voters, 53% want "their current working hours guaranteed by law", and only 45% wish "to be able to work more to gain more." As for the work itself, 78% would agree that it is "a means of earning a living" and only a meager 21% would define it as "a source of pride."

What is fascinating about this is that it once again confounds the presidential situation. Why is Nicolas Sarkozy, a man who would like to not only allow people to work more to gain more, but also encourage a culture of pride in work, be leading every poll of a SarkoSego runoff? Have his supporters not read his platform? Perhaps this speaks more of Royal than it does of Sarkozy.

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