Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hulot complains, Sarkozy sings

Today Nicolas Hulot, the French eco-celebrity who threatened to enter the presidential race himself several months ago, has complained that the environment is not being given the political priority that it deserves.

"Nicolas Sarkozy defined six priorities to implement quickly if he were elected. None of them refers to the ecological stakes. Of the 100 points of the presidential pact of Royal Ségolène, only one approaches this topic, in a diluted and transverse way. As for Francois Bayrou, it fixed four priority building sites as of this summer. And, there still, the environment is absent."

In other news, it appears that Nicolas Sarkozy surprised some by using the words of Martin Luther King in a speech this past Sunday. Referring to King's landmark "I have a dream" speech, Sarkozy attempted to move toward the center on issues of race and diversity.

"That speech deeply moved the world and that great dream of brotherhood and justice he spoke of changed America.

If the dream could change America, why might it not change France? We will manage it if French youth, like American youth, make Martin Luther King’s (dream) their own. As president I want to unite all French people and I will honour all those who have made France great, regardless of the colour of their skin, their politics or social origins."

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