Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Minister deserts Sarkozy camp

Below I posted about a UMP minister who has not yet publicly put his support behind fellow party member Nicolas Sarkozy, but today another minister came right out and left the Sarkozy camp. The equal opportunities minister, Azouz Begag, told the media that he would instead be supporting UDF candidate Francois Bayrou.

Begag, a French-born minister of Algerian origin, said he was backing Bayrou because his candidacy brought "diversity" to a campaign largely focused on Sarkozy and the Socialist candidate, Ségolène Royal.

"Diversity belongs to neither the right nor the left," Begag said on France-Info radio. "This divide doesn't work for me, either." (...)

"It's been at least 18 months that I haven't spoken to the interior minister," Begag said, because I dared to tell him "it wasn't good to use words like 'thugs.'"

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