Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nicolas Hulot re-enters debate

Eco-star Nicolas Hulot caused a stir several months again when he threatened to run for president if the main candidates did not sign his "ecological pact". Once they had all done so, Hulot declared that he would not run, which allowed the candidates, for the most part, to sidestep focusing on the environment.

Today Hulot is back on the airwaves, saying that he will remain neutral through the course of the campaign, but also scolding the candidates who promised to put the environment on the front burner.

"It is a pity on such a fundamental subject of always having to be in the pressure whereas the reason should be enough. I deplore it and I am badly at ease, but the time of the campaign I am obliged to use these processes...

They must bring fast precise details on the perimeter of responsibilities for this holder. I note that some did not work there...the devil is in the details: with an empty shell, the remedy is likely to be worse than the evil."

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