Sunday, March 4, 2007

Poll update: SarkoSego gap widens

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal is falling further back as the days progress, and although not making significant strides forward, UDF candidate Francois Bayrou is edging closer and closer toward Royal in the first round.

The newest individual polling found by Barnett over at Reagan Power puts Bayrou at 18.5% and Royal at 25.5% in the first round of voting. The second round displays the widening gulf between Sarkozy and Royal, with each polling 54% and 46% respectively.

Ipsos is now running a daily election barometer, which includes data collected from each of the previous three days. Data for March 1-3 puts Bayrou at 19% and Royal at 25%, the closest I believe they have ever been. In the second round, Sarkozy is beating Royal 54.5% to 45.5%, which is almost equal to the previous highwatermark of a 10% difference.

Recent polls have also included a wide variety of other questions on the candidates and issues. When voters were asked to list the top three issues that affect their choice of candidate, the fight against unemployment was by far the most important issue with French voters, with 50% naming it. This was nearly the same across the political spectrum, although after that issues seem to diverge. Interestingly, both left and right put the integration of minorities near the bottom of their list of priorities.

National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen has harshly criticized the rule by which every candidate must collect 500 signatures of elected officials, and has yet to complete this requirement. Ironically, while 56% of voters believe it is a good rule, 58% think it would be a bad thing if he didn't obtain the necessary amount.

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microdot said...

LePen does this in every election, he will get his signatures, I'm sure that he will be helped by the UMP. In the arcane world of Right Wing Politics, it's in their interest that he run.
LePen always complains and plays the victim, it's part of the far fight strategy to show that they are victims of cons[iracies to keep their politically incorrect "truth" from the public.

Boz said...

Heh, unfortunately for Le Pen, he's not just breaking political correctness rules, he's being racist. You're probably right, he will eventually get the required number of signatures, but complaining about it gets him a lot of free press coverage.