Monday, March 26, 2007

Royal adorned in royal colors

Royal campiagn advisors apparently think that the only way to beat Sarkozy and his national identity toting campaign will be to show off their own patriotism:

Yesterday (Monday), she set out what she called her "reconquest of the symbols of the nation" saying the anthem and the French flag should not be the preserve of the right. Earlier she had cited Joan of Arc as an inspiration, reclaiming the historical figure revered by Mr Le Pen. She said every French family should have a tricolour and fly it on Bastille day. Her partner, the Socialist leader François Hollande, said he had a flag in his kitchen, courtesy of the last football World Cup.

Segolene Royal is a fine woman and politician, but this is honestly going too far.

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." — Samuel Johnson

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Michel said...

This might be the Sego equivalent of Kerry's duck hunting photoshoot. Bayrou got it right -- French politics should not debase itself ny copying its jingoistic aspects!

Boz said...

Great analogy! I really don't understand what these politicians are thinking when they place themselves in situations that are completely out of character. Voters see right through it...or at least I hope so.