Monday, March 12, 2007

Royal attacks Sarkozy immigration plan

On Monday night Segolene Royal herself harshly attacked the proposition of UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy to form a ministry of "immigration and national identity". Royal is struggling to prove herself a viable candidate in the first round as she consistently loses to Sarkozy in the second, and may finally see an issue to gain some traction.

"At the time when the right-wing candidate seeks to make fear and bound in an unbearable amalgam immigration and the threat on the national identity, I would like one moment to stop myself on this concept of national identity and of Nation.

The Republic does not require of anybody to forget from where he comes. It does not ask to disavow his origins, his roots, his attachments, his culture and his faith. It invites quite simply - and it is considerable each one to exceed them. Yes, each one can love his Brittany or his native Algeria and fully be a French citizen. (...)

To new come, I say: 'take part in our company, respect its rights and we will guarantee the equality of your rights and your chances'. France of tomorrow will undoubtedly be more varied, but always faithful to its origins, generous, imaginative, courageous, solid and open to the world."

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GOK said...

Do you know how I may obtain a "Pour que ça change fort!" poster? Thanks very much.

Boz said...

Hmm, I don't know how to get an actual physical poster, but you can download a large version of it here. At the top of the webpage you can choose the size you want. Hope that helps.


Unionsbuerger said...

SARKOZY oublie 50 ans de construction européenne. Beaucoup de destins européens se sont formés de par la libre circulation et la libre installation. La création d un Ministere de l Immigration et de l identité nationale est contredite par la Charte des Droits Fondamentaux, officiellement proclamée a Nice en 2000

Chapitre III - Egalité

Article 20
Égalité en droit

Toutes les personnes sont égales en droit.

Article 21

1. Est interdite, toute discrimination fondée notamment sur le sexe, la race, la couleur, les origines ethniques ou sociales, les caractéristiques génétiques, la langue, la religion ou les convictions, les opinions politiques ou toute autre opinion, l'appartenance à une minorité nationale, la fortune, la naissance, un handicap, l'âge ou l'orientation sexuelle.
2. Dans le domaine d'application du traité instituant la Communauté européenne et du traité sur l'Union européenne, et sans préjudice des dispositions particulières desdits traités, toute discrimination fondée sur la nationalité est interdite.

Article 22
Diversité culturelle, religieuse et linguistique

L'Union respecte la diversité culturelle, religieuse et linguistique.

GOK said...

Thanks. I was actually hoping to get the physical poster. If you happen to come across how to get it, I'd appreciate it if you let me know. Oh, and I should add that I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and I appreciate it very much--merci!