Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Royal in Berlin, Sarkozy helps Le Pen

Today Segolene Royal met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, where amongst other things they discussed the current restructuring of Airbus, which would cut thousands of jobs in France and Germany. Royal also spoke with a group of French expatriates, saying that: "It is true that my deepest wish is to return to the France-German couple the capacity to take initiatives that today they have lost in Europe."

In other news, yesterday UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy called on elected officials to give their support to National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen. Le Pen is still short of the 500 necessary sponsors to be on the French ballot. Sarkozy claimed that his intentions were purely in the spirit of democracy, "Democracy must not be confiscated by just a few people", but in politics, nothing is that simple. In fact, Sarkozy wants to ensure that Le Pen voters, angry that he didn't appear on the ballot, don't vote in anger for the left. He would also like to fostor good-will between himself and the far right, which he will need in the second round.

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